Tuesday, March 3, 2009

$4000 election ad? Still looking...

UPDATE: Friday I called Jennifer Peterson at the Bend Bulletin. During our initial conversation she stated that she had an archive of multiple copies of all issues and would find the Oct. 28th issue and give me a call back. She never did.

I called her back on Monday and she stated that she did not have any copies of that issue. She then referred me to Sean Tate, who is in charge of advertising. So I called Sean, who picked up on the first ring.

I stated who I was and what I was looking for, whereupon Mr. Tate suddenly informed me he was in a meeting and had to go.

So I called Bryan Iverson, of the Iverson Group that the amended Orestar filing now states actually paid for, produced and placed the ad. He stated that it was a single-sheet, two-sided ad that was inserted into the Oct. 31 issue. I said I haven't been able to find it and asked if he could produce a copy. He said he might still have one around and that he would take a look. I plan to call him again tomorrow.

On the ORESTAR election funding database the transaction has been amended from a single filing showing the Bend Bulletin as donating $4000 in ad space in which was placed an ad produced by the Iverson Group that featured the four candidates for City Council Kathie Eckman, Tom Greene, Jeff Eager and Don Leonard. The amended filing is two entries: the original #541503, now amended, showing a $4000 In-Kind contribution from the Iverson Group for a Bend Bulletin newspaper ad, and a second filing, #540613, that shows the purchase of a $4000 ad by Iverson Group, as an agent for BB PAC, from the Bend Bulletin. Both show a transaction date of 10/28/08.

I just can't seem to find an actual copy of this ad.

UPDATE 2: On Wednesday afternoon I was actually able to hold what seems to be the last copy of this ad in my hands, courtesy of the Bulletin's Sean Tate. He would not let me actually have the two-sided color full-page insert, but did make me a copy. I'll get a scan soon and update this story in a new post.

Mr. Tate was unable to discuss the funding of this ad in any way.


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    Money, Money, Who Gave the Money?

    Written by H. Bruce Miller
    Wednesday, 04 March 2009

    On Feb. 20 The Eye reported that Orestar, the Oregon state campaign finance database, showed that The Bulletin had given a $4,000 in-kind contribution to the Bend Business PAC, the political arm of the Chamber of Commerce, before the last election.

    But now an official with the Secretary of State’s Office says it was just an honest mistake on the part of the Chamber’s PAC.

    Prodded by local blogger Bruce Ewert, Nancy E. Ferry of the Secretary of State’s office contacted Chamber of Commerce Board Member Troy Reinhart and Jennifer High, the person who entered the contribution. High’s story was that the $4,000 really was contributed by the Iverson Group, a Prineville ad agency, to buy Bulletin advertising. Iverson should have been listed as the contributor, not The Bulletin, High said. “Jennifer assured me that they were not trying to hide anything, they just didn't understand how to report it,” Ferry e-mailed Ewert.

    Based on High’s and Reinhart’s word, Ferry was willing to let High amend the filing to indicate that the Iverson Group, not The Bulletin, made the contribution.

    Asked whether she had any documents or other evidence to corroborate High’s and Reinhart’s story, Ferry told The Eye yesterday: “Well, I believe it was an honest mistake based on talking to them. … No, I don’t have any documents that actually show that. We don’t go out and create investigations. If you were to file a formal complaint we would investigate.”


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  2. So given that BRUCE has found the 'missing link' (ad) that has H-Bruce-Miller picture, why doesn't Bruce scan and post the missing ad?

    He says that Sean Tate of the BULL gave it to him the other day.

    Why leave the readers hanging with the impression that you can't find the ad, when in fact you now have it???

  3. You fucks done chasing your tails yet?