Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where is that full-page Bulletin ad?

Updating the Bend Business PAC purchase of a full-page ad for the four "chosen" Republican candidates for Bend City Council, let's go over the basic issues as we understand them:

1) Someone bought a full-page ad in the Bend Bulletin for City Council candidates Kathie Eckman, Tom Greene, Jeff Eager, and Don Leonard, according to Bend Business PAC filing for the transaction and the filings of the four candidates at Orestar. The dates of the filings are from 10/28/2008 to 11/1/2008.

2) The first amended filing from Bend Business PAC stated that the Bend Bulletin donated a $4000 full page ad to them, which they passed on to the candidates

3) Follow-up from the Oregon State Secretary of State with BB PAC ended with a changed purchaser of the full page ad from a Bulletin contribution to an Iverson Group purchase and contribution. The Iverson Group is a well known local Republican advertising agency. The four candidates listed above spent over $50,000 with the Iverson Group during the last election.

Since then, both myself and H. Bruce Miller from the Source went to the library and looked for the actual ad. I went through the papers from election day back through the start of October. Neither of us found the purported ad. Both of us noticed that the local section was missing from the Oct. 28 issue.

Today I went to the Bulletin office and looked through their archives. I found that the last page of the Oct. 28th issue local section was missing. It did not look like a full page ad for anything from the little bit left at the top. The two receptionists expressed shock that something was missing from the archived issues just off the front reception area.

So my questions are 1) what does that ad look like and who is listed as paying for it in the ad itself, 2) who actually paid for it, and 3) simply, does this ad even exist?

We will continue to investigate this issue.

UPDATE: I forgot one thing--when I originally called the receptionist said sure, I can buy a copy of Oct. 28th. Then she went back to get it and said "We don't have anymore. Was there something really popular in that issue?". They have plenty of all other issues, but none from Oct. 28th. Really kind of strange.

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  1. Just run an ad in craigslist and offer $10 for that paper, there should be tons of people with that old paper laying around in Bend that need $10.